Our plans

Development in Wirksworth

Our plans for land off Cromford Road/Middleton Road

In summer 2018, we will be submitting an outline planning application for land between Cromford Road and Middleton Road (that extends north up to the Ravenstor Road industrial estate). Our proposals seek permission for up to 151 new homes and 1.81 hectares of employment land.
Alongside the new homes and employment land, there will be additional benefits for the community:

  • The retention and redevelopment of Rock House.
  • Employment units suitable for offices, research and development, and light and general manufacturing – creating around 142 new jobs.
  • An on-site equipped play area with bench seating.
  • The retention of existing woodland supported by a Woodland Management Plan.
  • The creation of ecological areas to support biodiversity.
  • The potential enhancement of Fanny Shaw Recreation Ground through financial contributions.
  • The potential to make additional land available to allow the District Council to consider expanding Old Lane car park.
  • The retention and enhancement of Old Lane as an informal pedestrian right of way, as well as a cycleway and bridleway.

A viability assessment will be submitted with the planning application to explain why the costs associated with remediating the site and capping mine shafts prevent us from providing any affordable housing on the site.

Our outline application includes several access roads into the site, which have been refined following consultation with residents. For example, we have now included access off Middleton Road to relieve some of the pressure on Cromford Road. In addition, following feedback, we will also be paying the County Council the costs of providing the following:

  • The installation of a pedestrian crossing on Cromford Road.
  • Widening of the pavements on Cromford Road near Rock House.
  • Installing traffic calming measures and relocating the 30mph sign on Middleton Road.
  • Relocating and upgrading bus stops including shelters on Cromford Road.

In previous iterations of the proposals, we had included an option for a primary school on the site but following a public consultation the County Council is now looking to locate the school at Middle Peak Quarry as part of its redevelopment.

If, and when, we receive planning consent, we will then sell the site to a housebuilder who would apply for the details of the houses (layout, scale appearance and landscaping). Once these details are granted construction will commence around Spring 2020. Depending on market conditions at the time, we anticipate a housebuilder would deliver around 30 units a year taking five years to complete the development. The employment land would be sold separately to a developer and progress will be subject to market demand for the land.

These proposals have been developed in consultation with residents and stakeholders. We have made some significant changes to the plans following two separate rounds of consultation. Please see our ‘consultation and engagement’ page for more details.

Once we have submitted the planning application, there will be a period of statutory consultation by Derbyshire Dales District Council ahead of the proposals going to Planning Committee.